Trickster MOD

tm_icon_3_256x256Trickster MOD is an Android tweaking app to change various device settings included in your kernel and other mods.

Trickster MOD is officially provided through Google Play Store

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Trickster MOD is our first Android project aimed to create a FREE playground for anyone who likes to mess around with their Android devices, e.g. OC/UV, calibrate display & sound… The app is free with essential kernel tweaks available to all. Besides some unique features which only available in Trickster MOD, it also offers more free features than many other only-paid apps that you can find out there.

Thus, in order to keep Trickster MOD going, there are many ways that you can contribute to our community:

  • If you have money and appreciate our hard work, you can buy us a coffee. It helps us to cover the cost & get more devices to support the community.
    • The best way to donate is to buy the donate key at Google Play Store. Doing this, you also get some donated features.
    • If you want to donate more, use the app menu to donate through Google Play or from Paypal
  • You can also help us by


  • 2012-09-11: Trickster MOD was published to Google Play Store
  • 2012-11-03: Trickster MOD reached 10.000 installs
  • 2013-02-15: Trickster MOD reached 50.000 installs
  • 2013-05-01: Trickster MOD reached 100.000 installs


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